• Phorepoc Symbian Website

    A website specifically designed for the Symbian / Maemo/ MeeGo community, full of information about the now defunct past Operating Systems from Nokia.
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  • Kosmoagiristos Personal Greek Blog

    Kosmoagiristos is my own Greek Personal Blog where I share my views on life as well as critical aspects of our world
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  • MyPhone Technology News Website

    MyPhone.gr is one of the most visited Greek Technology news website in which I used to be an Editor in Chief. A lot of research as well as articles that I have done in the past can be found there..
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A dream journal website for keeping records of your dreams and have feedback on them and their potential meaning.

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Phorepoc is a website devoted to enriching the smartphone experience and catering its content to Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo smartphone users and enthusiasts. Its properties primarily focus on Symbian hardware reviews, software previews, community technical discussions, and other technology related topics.

Phorepoc premiere web property is Phorepoc.eu, which was founded on 2005 as All About SX1 to discuss the Siemens SX1 smartphone, the first and last Symbian smartphone from Siemens. After seeing the lack of online media that covered Nokia's (previously owned by Symbian Ltd.) main operating system for Smartphones at the time the website was rebooted and renamed to Phorepoc.

The name Phorepoc is a portmanteau of "phoro-" and "EPOC" for meaning the EPOC movement. EPOC is the grandfather of Symbian, an operating system owned initially by PSION ltd. which became the base for the Symbian O.S. later on. Furthermore out of EPOC the Hildon UI was born which was transferred to Linux and became the base of Maemo devices. Phorepoc pays homage to those technologies and to all the people behind their development all these years.

The website was initially developed using the PHPNuke CMS but on 2006 the website and it's complete database were moved to the Joomla CMS. Since then the Frontend of the website has received multiple updates and changes.

The website is freely accessible at phorepoc.eu