• Phorepoc Symbian Website

    A website specifically designed for the Symbian / Maemo/ MeeGo community, full of information about the now defunct past Operating Systems from Nokia.
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  • Kosmoagiristos Personal Greek Blog

    Kosmoagiristos is my own Greek Personal Blog where I share my views on life as well as critical aspects of our world
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  • MyPhone Technology News Website

    MyPhone.gr is one of the most visited Greek Technology news website in which I used to be an Editor in Chief. A lot of research as well as articles that I have done in the past can be found there..
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Coming Soon: Morpheus Diaries

A dream journal website for keeping records of your dreams and have feedback on them and their potential meaning.

Featured Works

Check out some of my completed projects and work.

Alpha School of Motoring - Sheffield

I have been assigned to develop a really simple but dynamic website that can use the minimum amount of resources for a driving instructor in Sheffield, UK. The website had to be lightweight and at the same time easily editable online without the need of any html editor. The problem with the implementation was simply the infrastructure where a free hosting service was going to be used instead but an option to expand the website on a later date was also one of the requirements.

A lightweight CMS system was developed using php and html with support for different templates. The system was taking advantage of either simple text files for storing the dynamic data but could also fall back to SQLite in case this was supported by the hosting service.

The system is accessible at alphasomsheffield.co.uk

Due to the nature of the project (not academic project) the source code as well as the design of the system cannot be shared.