• Phorepoc Symbian Website

    A website specifically designed for the Symbian / Maemo/ MeeGo community, full of information about the now defunct past Operating Systems from Nokia.
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  • Kosmoagiristos Personal Greek Blog

    Kosmoagiristos is my own Greek Personal Blog where I share my views on life as well as critical aspects of our world
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  • MyPhone Technology News Website

    MyPhone.gr is one of the most visited Greek Technology news website in which I used to be an Editor in Chief. A lot of research as well as articles that I have done in the past can be found there..
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Coming Soon: Morpheus Diaries

A dream journal website for keeping records of your dreams and have feedback on them and their potential meaning.

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Morpheus Diaries

Morpheus Diaries is an upcoming website that will provide blogging services to people interested about sharing their dreams. But it won't be a generic blogging website. The website will also provide extra features for all the people interested in analyzing dreams. The system specifications are the following.

  • An easy to use and navigate system.
  • Lightweight implementation taking the lowest amount of hardware resources.
  • Scalability in mind.
  • Users can have public or private dream journals.
  • An advance commenting system for providing dream explanations.
  • A Ranking system implementation for the comments.
  • A Ranking system for the people giving explanations to dreams (fortune tellers).
  • Ability to provide paid services for dream explanations by professionals.

This project is under development and it will be hosted at morpheusdiaries.com