• Phorepoc Symbian Website

    A website specifically designed for the Symbian / Maemo/ MeeGo community, full of information about the now defunct past Operating Systems from Nokia.
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  • Kosmoagiristos Personal Greek Blog

    Kosmoagiristos is my own Greek Personal Blog where I share my views on life as well as critical aspects of our world
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  • MyPhone Technology News Website

    MyPhone.gr is one of the most visited Greek Technology news website in which I used to be an Editor in Chief. A lot of research as well as articles that I have done in the past can be found there..
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Coming Soon: Morpheus Diaries

A dream journal website for keeping records of your dreams and have feedback on them and their potential meaning.

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My work at MyPhone.gr

A few years ago I was working as an Editor in Chief at myphone.gr under the nickname "MemphisX".

MyPhone.gr is one of the most visited news technology websites in Greece. It discusses everything about mobile phones, smartphones, computers and technology in general but the main subject that it covers is always about cellular, wireless and mobile technologies. But MyPhone is not just a news website. It's backed by a huge community (almost 200.000 registered members in their forums, with more than 1000 members actively using the website every hour.)

During that time I was responsible for covering technology news and events as well as publishing extensive research work on various subjects in the mobile world. That also included phone/software reviews or previews. I also had 5 News Editors under my supervision where I was responsible for their own work, as I was reviewing their articles and making any critical changes/fixes to them or just providing my guidance to those editors in order for them to maximize their performance and the quality of their work.

Furthermore I was actively moderating both the forums and a the private editors forums. It was my responsibility to both moderate the discussions made in the various news entries by forum members and keep it peaceful and healthy for the website. At the private editors forums I was providing assistance to other news editors through guides about the Ethical Code of Journalism along with tips and tricks on how to use the system in the most efficient way.

Some of my work can be found bellow (content is in Greek):